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Internet Explorer 11 Forum Bug

Internet Explorer 11 seems to be getting somewhat stealth installed in the latest Windows Updates. Trouble is it breaks some forum functionality for posting and PMing. If you're getting the "Needs a Body" error message, that's the cause.

If you've got Windows 7, you can roll back to IE 10 by...

Start -> Control Panel -> System and Security -> View Installed Updates

Then scroll down to Internet Explorer 11 and right click "uninstall".

Then restart the computer and you'll have Internet Explorer 10 back and running.

If you have a different Windows OS... I have no idea how to do it. I figured this out after 30-40 minutes of Googling and pleading with my laptop.


  • Thanks for posting a work around! We are working on the IE 11 issues and hope to have them resolved soon.

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