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Member Registration

BankerBanker Member
edited February 2012 in Questions
Is there a way for a Free forum to require approval of a new member before a new member can start reading and posting?

Thank you.


  • All forum plans (including free) are able to set whatever registration method they want and use the Stop Forum Spam plugin that further limits spam's ability to make it thru.
  • OK, can you please add a "Registration Settings" under "users" in my Dashboard, please? It is not there.
  • LincolnLincoln Staff
    edited February 2012
    Here's the situation. I was incorrect, registration settings are not available on the free account. My mistake. I favor adding it to the free plan (trading it with some features that I don't believe are critical with the free plan) but that's going to take me some time to arrange, assuming we decide to follow thru with it.

    For now, since I was in error, I'd be willing to manually change your registration to "Application" on your site if you'd prefer.
  • LincolnLincoln Staff
    edited February 2012
    In regards to your other discussions: Please don't create duplicate discussions for a topic. My delay in reply was deliberate; I was attempting to make a policy change to assist you. I apologize for not being more communicative while I was doing this. Unfortunately it's not a simple change, hence my explanation above.
  • BankerBanker Member
    edited February 2012
    Thank you Lincoln for many things:

    1. First, for you accurate and respectful communication... We all make mistakes... Taking responsibility in such an honorable manner is what makes the world a better place.
    2. Thank you for setting my registration to Applican Approval. Kindly note that I have 3 forums.
    3. I agree with you, the registration options should be part of the basic plan. No one can have a forum where anyone can register and posts. This undermines the power and simplicity of Vanillaforums.
    4. I agree, the basic forum offers advanced commercial features (integration with fb, etc) that must only be available to paying businesses who can afford the paid plans.
    5. I will abide by your respectful request not to duplicate a question and will edit out my other questions.
  • Sent you a Private Message reminder.
  • This is now done across all 3 of your sites.
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