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Vanilla Forums Blog » Introducing Vanilla Comments: Integrate blog comments to supercharge you

imageVanilla Forums Blog » Introducing Vanilla Comments: Integrate blog comments to supercharge your community

Today, we’re announcing our latest feature: Vanilla Comments. This feature will allow those of you who have a blog or news site to use Vanilla as a commenting system and really engage readers who might otherwise just enter a comment and leave.  (Check out the comments on this article to see what it looks like).

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  • This is what a Vanilla comment looks like!
  • aprecheapreche Commenter
    Can I do this if I host my own Vanilla forum?
  • djensen47djensen47 Commenter
    "Vanilla is offering a comment importing service. Please contact us if you would like more information about this."

    How do I import my existing comments?
  • LoriLori Member
    edited April 2012
    I would like to add comments to the news section of my website. I have a Vanilla hosted forum with a customized theme. Blog Comments under Forum Settings shows embedding is disabled. When I go to Embed Forum it says the preferred method is to use a customized theme. If I click the enable embedding button will it modify anything in my current forum? Can I use a customized theme and embed comments?
  • architxtarchitxt Commenter
    This is awesome!

    But it is available on the freebie self-hosted option?

    The hosted option would work perfectly for me but pricing is prohibitive for a 2,000 strong community that doesn't generate much revenue. Would be good to have a more affordable entry point around the $20 mark.
  • Is it updating automatically for me if anybody else comments somewhere else?
  • or it does not?!
  • Hi @djensen47, please email sales@vanillaforums.com so we can figure out what system you're currently using and the best way to get you migrated.
  • Hi @architxt, it's not yet available on the open source product. If you're looking for additional ways to monetize your community to afford one of our plans, you can contact sales@vanillaforums.com and we can work on that with you.
  • Hi @Lori, yes you can use the embedded comments without changing your customized theme. Go ahead and get it set up without changing your theme, and start a new discussion on this site if you run into any trouble or need assistance.
  • sMilessMiles Commenter
    When i start using it in my rusian speaking blog, i find that when nem comments are posted, all text are using wrong codepage.

    Wordpress using UTF-8
    Vanilla using UTF-8

    For example you can see it in this theme http://bit.ly/J9rSHq

    What can i do to solve it?
  • Howdy @sMiles, if you have an account with us for hosting your forum at vanillaforums.com, please let us know which site it is and start a new discussion so we can help you resolve your issue. If you're using the free, open source version of Vanilla Forums, you can ask the community for assistance here: http://vanillaforums.org/discussions
  • Can anyone leave a comment as a guest/anonymous without login? Vanilla seems to be lacking this feature?
  • LincolnLincoln Staff
    edited December 2012
    Vanilla offers many single sign-on extensions (Facebook, Twitter, Google, WordPress, and more) but we don't support anonymous commenting.
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