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Setting up ReCAPTCHA but unable to sign in

JonathanJonathan Member
edited May 2012 in Questions
I was in the middle of getting the public and private keys in, but made a mistake. Then I logged out. Now I can't log in and the password function & password retrieval is not working. So I locked the keys in the car. My website is

Please help.


  • ToddTodd Staff
    It seems as though you are asking help for a forum that isn't hosted with us. If so you can edit your own config.php file to set things up.
  • Okay, not sure how that happened. I'm using Yanilla Forums for my site and it is not letting me retrieve my password. I'm the admin. Perhaps we can start there. Should I contact YF directly for support?
  • TimTim Staff
    Contact your hosting provider, yes. Or ask on our community support forum:
  • The hosting provider said to talk to you. If I get nowhere, cancel the account. I'll give it another working day. The vanilla says I'm not a member. I just want to talk with a person and get my forum back and not get passed around.
  • I have funders that want to see a functional site. I'm running out of time.
  • LincolnLincoln Staff
    edited May 2012
    Hi Jonathan,

    Your hosted site with us is here:

    If you're having trouble with that site, we'd be happy to help.

    However, you've indicated you have trouble with this site:

    That is not the site that is being hosted with us, and therefore we cannot support it. is a separate community site for people running their own Vanilla forum (that is not on our hosted platform). To get help there, you would need to register for an account there.
  • Thank you Tim for trying to set me straight. I appreciate your time and patience. Thanks Lincoln for helping me out. I'm getting schooled on building forums.
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