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Import RSS -> Discussion?

markmark Member
edited May 2012 in Questions
Is there a way we can automatically create new discussions based on an RSS feed using our plan? Although there are plugins for this in OSS there does not appear to be a plugin in the commercial version.



  • lvezlvez Staff
    @mark Hi, we can turn on community generated addons for you. First we need to test it and make sure that it's bug free. Is there one in particular that you'd like us to enable?
  • markmark Member
    Hi @Ivez , seems to be exactly what I'm looking for!
  • TimTim Staff
    @mark I've enabled this plugin on your forum. For your information, it was available already via

  • markmark Member
    Thanks @Tim - I've set up two feeds for import, one at 5 minutes and one at 1 hour but the status remains at "Never" under "Refreshed" -- do you need to setup a cronjob as well?
  • Hi @mark, no, it's simply waiting for the next item to be added to each feed. It doesn't grab items published before you enabled the plugin.
  • markmark Member
    Hi @Lincoln,

    I checked the option "Get the old content" for testing, I'd assumed that would get whatever the RSS feed is pushing out, but then I haven't tested the plugin in any other environment.

  • markmark Member
    @Lincoln, actually, it isn't working.

    1. I posted a test item to the 5 minute RSS. It's been an hour and no update.
    2. The plugin shows "Updated: never" for both feeds.

  • Hi @mark, I'll have a closer look at the addon and see what's going on.
  • markmark Member
    @Lincoln - thanks!
  • markmark Member
    @Lincoln - tested with OSS and the export you sent me - it doesn't work with a fresh install there either. Status just Updated: never. Based on the comments it appears to be an ongoing problem with the plugin for some people, but not others.
  • markmark Member
    @Lincoln - figured this out

    17 May 2012 - 03:46:18: [Garden] [/var/www/html/index.php:53] , 502, Gdn_PluginManager.GetPluginInstance(), Tried to load plugin 'MinionPlugin' from access name 'MinionPlugin:classname', but it doesn't exist.
    17 May 2012 - 03:46:22: [Garden] [/var/www/html/index.php:53] , 502, Gdn_PluginManager.GetPluginInstance(), Tried to load plugin 'MinionPlugin' from access name 'MinionPlugin:classname', but it doesn't exist.
    Was the error on feed import. No idea what MinionPlugin is, it's not on the .org and googling for it returns absolutely nothing.

    Commenting the lines for this allow the plugin to work.
  • LincolnLincoln Staff
    edited June 2012
    @mark Thanks for tackling that. A better solution is to use GetSystemUserID from the UserModel rather than just commenting it out. I've added a hotfix for this and it should be deployed to our hosted customers soon.

    In general, more bugs will be present in the open source download, not less, simply because the open source releases trail significantly behind our hosted version.
  • The fix for this was released, so let us know if you see further problems with it. Thanks again for the assistance.
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