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Vanilla Affiliate Program

imageVanilla Affiliate Program

We have now re-launched our affiliate program and are busy adding to both the content and relationship management programs.  It provides on-going referral commissions to successful affiliates and is simple to set-up and promote.  To get started, you ca ...

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  • vbgamer45vbgamer45 Commenter
    Is the affiliate program still around?
  • Hi @vbgamer45 we took down registration to the affiliate program down a while ago. This blog post should be updated.
  • dwizard7dwizard7 Member, Commenter
    hello @lvez im getting an error on = Whoops!
    View not found. when do you think you`ll have your affiliate program up and running i would love to link my self hosted vanilla forum to your packages for a commision and help you guys and gals out with sign ups to your brilliant forum platform and looking forward to your vanilla-reactions-and-badges self hosted plugin release to help me along with a great visual display on my site and use it as a promotional feature in order for you folks to increase your revenue streams over here

    Best Regards
    AKA :dwizard7
  • Hi @dwizard7 thanks for the positive feedback. We don't have any plans to relaunch our affiliate program right but when we do we'll make sure to let everyone know.
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