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WYSIWYG on ipad

ChankChank Member
edited September 2012 in Questions
Hi, I was trying to post a new thread on our forum using iPad, but realised the WYSIWYG buttons were greyed out. Things are working on desktop though. Any clues? Thanks!


  • Hi, I'll like to add that it's the same on iphone too - no WYSIWYG when commenting.
  • Hi Chank, I'll look into this as soon as possible.
  • Hi @Chank, I've found the cause. The WYSIWYG addon is not available when using a mobile device. There are compatibility issues with it, so it's automatically disabled.

    If you'd like text formatting on mobile (including the iPad), try disabling the WYSIWYG and instead enable the Button Bar plugin. It's a much simpler feature set that works everywhere. It's our favored formatting solution.
  • Hi Lincoln,
    It's a pity WYSIWYG doesn't work on mobile device. But thanks for finding that out!
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