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Can you enable a few plugins for me?

adamblitzeradamblitzer Member
edited November 2011 in Questions
Our forum is

The first of these plugins is approved and I saw on another thread that you have enabled the other two for another client.


Role Badges

Role Titles



  • Howdy Adam -

    That RoleTitles was not approved was an oversight; I've approved it now.

    Would you mind referencing where Role Badges was enabled? To my knowledge, it isn't deployed anywhere because it's basically a fork of RoleTitles with minor changes.

    I've turned on Voting and RoleTitles for now.
  • Ah gotcha. I thought you may have enabled it on this thread ( Maybe that was just RoleTitles. Thanks!

  • Sure, no problem. Let us know if you need anything else.
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