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Total Theme Control


Create a Perfect Visual Match

Your community should look like your website, not something from the early 90s. Vanilla lets you completely customize the site theme. Customize the URL, upload a favicon, add your own CSS and much more.
Put Your Customers First Put Your Customers First Put Your Customers First Put Your Customers First
Choose a layout

Base themes and layouts

Choose a base theme and use out of the box or customize HTML and CSS. Layout choices give you the option to choose from a traditional table layout or a more modern layout.


Localize your community

Localize the interface in one of 25 supported languages. Set a language or let users choose a local language.

CSS Hooks

Add your own CSS classes to everything. For example, highlight valuable content, theme categories, or make individual members stand out. Your CSS overrides ours.

Get under the hood

Choose from one of our themes or create your own. You have complete control to change the header & footer HTML that wraps around your forum. Vanilla also lets you add your own custom CSS definitions after ours, so you can cascade from your selected theme's design. Preview mode and version control give you the latitude to experiment without worrying about breaking your site.

Vanilla forums theme support

Renders perfectly in mobile browsers.

No more frustrations with mobile support of downloading an app. Browser agent detection ensures Vanilla displays the correct theme. Vanilla's lightweight mobile theme is optimized to deliver a great user experience on a small screen.