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Zapier Logo Integration

If you have ever wanted to connect your community to a tool you use regularly such as Slack, Hubspot or Productboard but don’t have the developer resources to make it happen - Zapier is the solution. Zapier is the middleman between Vanilla and other software you use daily, allowing you to connect Vanilla to over 3000+ of your favorite software tools with a few clicks.

Share Information
Between Systems

Import your valuable community data into other systems such as CRM or ticketing systems, and use this data to fuel other processes and workflows.

Automate Workflows

Eliminate the manual steps and processes that happen between your community and other software solutions. Your community becomes a seamless part of your technology ecosystem.

Create Zaps Without
Developer Help

You don’t need to be a developer to create integrations anymore - anyone can create a Zap. With over 3000+ apps to connect to, the integration possibilities are endless!

Example Integrations

Whenever a new discussion is posted in Vanilla, or even when a new member registers, you can be notified in a Slack channel. If Slack is your primary messaging tool internally, the appropriate people can immediately see the notification and take action if required.
Zapier and Slack
Zapier and Slack
The Product Feedback discussions in your community generate many ideas and surface issues that need to be evaluated and prioritized. With the JIRA Zap, when a new product idea is posted in Vanilla, a JIRA issue will automatically be generated, saving Product Managers from manually copying issues from their community into JIRA.
HubSpot, or any email automation tool is a powerful connection to have within your community. When a new user is added to the community, they can automatically be created as a contact in HubSpot. Once they’re in HubSpot, you can send emails, such as a welcome to the community message!
Zapier and Slack

Vanilla has a ton of pre-built templates you can use and we’re adding more all the time. Check out our templates or start exploring all the connections that Zapier has to offer.