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Seamless Single Sign-on

SSO can be configured to be seamless, in fact, users won't notice as they move back and forth from your website to your community.


Make it easy for customers to register.

Vanilla supports multiple SSO protocols to make member login easy.
Vanilla Forums Single Sign On

SSO Using jsConnect

jsConnect is Vanilla’s easy to implement single-sign-on solution. It allows you to pass a user ID, email, username, profile photo and role. jsConnect documentation and libraries can be found here.

oAuth, JWT, SAML

SAML, oAuth, JWT

Vanilla supports SAML, oAuth and JWT. Our services team can provide support for custom SSO implementations.

WordPress SSO

SSO from WordPress

Let members SSO from your WordPress site to Vanilla, no coding required.

Social logins

Social logins

Users can register directly to the forum using their LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google or Steam, Disqus, or OpenID credentials. Of course, they can also register directly using the registration form.