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Why do top game publishers choose Vanilla?

Gaming is about more than the games, it's a lifestyle with its own culture. Playing a game is more fun and rewarding when it's an experience shared with others through community.

As a game publisher, you’ve been hosting forums for a long time and are familiar with legacy software. Your players are among the most savvy users of tech and expect a modern and visually pleasing experience, not something from the last century.

Grow Revenue

Grow Revenue

Cultivate a receptive audience right on your website or app.

Longevity & Loyalty

Longevity & Loyalty

Keep them coming back for the social engagement.

Reduce Support

Reduce Support Costs

Let players help players and cut down on support costs.

Build Better Games

Build Better Games

Get player feedback, find bugs and pain points.

Vanilla is trusted by gaming organizations because it makes them look awesome without having to worry about diverting resources away from their bread and butter: the games.

Our ‘players’ become our loyal brand advocates as they are a never ending source of help for us. Many of them actually become part of our global support by assisting other players through the tools we’ve provided to them, including the community forum.

Jussi Tähtinen

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After only of one week of launching our community forum, 10% of our forum users let us know they want to increase their Kickstarter pledge. Imagine where we’d be if we had this from day one.

Michael Schade
Co-founder & CEO

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We recruited 20,000 members in the first month of launching our Vanilla Forum.

Ben Meakin
Community Manager

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Provide players with an amazing UX

A beautiful looking community that looks great on all devices.
Put Your Customers First Put Your Customers First Put Your Customers First Put Your Customers First

Easy moderation!

Easy to use inline moderation and peer-based moderation combined with our reputation system means moderation is no longer a chore.
Provide players with an amazing UX

Keep the competitive spirit going with gamification.

Badges, reactions, ranks, and leaderboard help encourage positive participation.


Recognize contributors or teams with Ranks.



Let members share how they feel.



A reputation system woven into the community.



Reward members for positive participation.


Get under the hood.

Vanilla gives you full control of your theme, functionality and integration via our API and single sign-on capability.
Put Your Customers First

Powering over 3B customer interactions.

Vanilla powers over 3 billion customer interactions each year. Join top publishers who deliver the power of community to millions of players worldwide.


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Learn how all gaming genres benefit from having their own branded player forums.
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