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Online Communities For
B2C and B2B Technology


Unleash the power of your customers through self-service support and peer-to-peer innovation

Vanilla is the most trusted community platform for technology companies. In fact, more than half of our customers are tech companies from a variety of sectors: SaaS, B2B and even B2C.

They rely on us to power their customer connections, building engagement, product feedback, self-service support, customer success and consolidating customer knowledge into expert communities of practice. Let us show you how we can do the same for you.

Put Your Customers First Put Your Customers First Put Your Customers First Put Your Customers First
Engage Students

Improve Support

Self-serve support & ticket deflection.

Grow Revenue

Accelerate Sales

Build trust through transparent commuications.

Empower Customers

Improve Customer Success through collaboration.


Drive Innovation

Capture ideas and iterate quickly.

Provide your customers with an amazing experience

Create a community experience that makes it easy for customers to find, collaborate and share on all devices.
Put Your Customers First

It's all about self-service for success

Customers want online self-serve support. Your community will quickly become an invaluable knowledge base.

Integrate with your existing tools and workflows

Tie community to existing tools and processes. Integrations include:


Connect your community with thousands of SaaS tools.

Salesforce Integration


Escalate leads and cases to Salesforce.

Zenkesk Integration


Create tickets directly from posts and conversations in your community.

GitHub Integration


Escalate an issue to Github from Vanilla.


Innovate with ideation

Customer communities lead to better products. Build space for customers to provide product feedback and vote on ideas, investing themselves in your development.

Get under the hood

Vanilla gives you full control of your theme, functionality and integration via our API and single sign-on capability.
Put Your Customers First


Case Study: 90% Ticket Deflection

Cireson Dramatically improves customer satisfaction.
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eBook: Digital Customer Service

Learn how leading companies are tranforming customer service.
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eBook: Fostering Collaboration & Innovation

Top brands share their insights on how to drive collaboration and innovation.
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