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Crowdsource Customer Support


Embrace a collaborative approach to support.

Peer-to-peer support communities can deflect tickets from your contact center resulting in significant savings. But an engaged community delivers much more, it can increase loyalty and provide you with deep insights into customer needs and pains. Studies have shown that a customer community can have a dramatic impact on key customer service metrics:.


Self-service for support inquiries


Increase in customer satisfaction ratings


Reduction in customer support costs

We achieved 50X growth in new active community members in less than one year on Vanilla’s platform.

Gabrielle Maheux
Social Channel Lead

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This has resulted in massive time savings for me personally as well as the entire organization

Joe Burrows
Sr Support Engineer

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Deflect Support Tickets

Vanilla’s Q&A functionality lets customers ask and answer questions. Best answers are highlighted and customers who answer questions are rewarded with reputation points and badges.

Encourage Self-service

Your community acts like a dynamic knowledge base that is constantly being updated. Vanilla’s SEO optimization ensures that this user generated content will rank well in search engines.

Reduce Churn

When customers share best practices, they get more value for their money. When they develop a social connections to other customers, they are giving up more than just your product if they leave.

Get Feedback

A customer community provides constant feedback on what makes customers happy and where their biggest pain points lie allowing you to improve product and processes.

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