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Working at Vanilla


What we do

At Vanilla, we’re creating software solutions for the world’s top brands. In turn, our products are used by millions of people across the globe. Each and every person on the team makes a critical contribution to our company and our customers’ success.

Our Values

We are far from perfect but we try to follow some core values that we hope will make us successful as a business and create a positive working environment.

Doing what’s right for customers. Our company and our jobs exist only because of our customers’ trust in us. When we take some pain to provide them with better service or right a wrong, they will stick with us and tell their peers. Complaining about customers is definitely frowned upon here at Vanilla.

Transparency and trust. There are few secrets at Vanilla. At staff meetings, all the numbers are on display, good or bad. The more you know, the better decisions you can make. Same goes with customer communications, where honesty is always the best policy. We won’t lie to gain or keep a customer.

Measurement. We try to measure everything: sales, uptime, sprint points, customer satisfaction, etc. Measurement keeps us grounded in reality and imposes accountability on everyone.

Recognition for achievement. Recognition isn’t just a shout out at a staff meeting, it means more responsibility, more opportunity and better pay. We try hard to promote from within and support lateral moves.

Punching above our weight. We regularly win against big companies and competitors that have raised tens of millions of dollars of venture capital. How do we do that? It starts with a get things done attitude. No excuses, no shirking of responsibility, no task is beneath anyone. By focusing on our objectives and believing in ourselves, we can beat anyone.

What about work hard and play and all that? We expect everyone to do what needs to be done. We have customers in far away time zones, we have emergencies and we sometimes fall behind plan. This means checking email off hours and occasionally putting in some time evenings and weekends. However, we don’t expect that you give up unreasonable amounts of your personal time and we understand that different people are at different stages in their lives, and have interests and responsibilities other than work.

Working Space

Our main office is located in Old Montreal and is easily accessible via transit. We’ll soon be relocating our Montreal office to a nicer space that will prioritize natural light, good acoustics and better traffic flows. We also have a satellite office in Ottawa’s Byward Market which houses a portion of our sales team. We also have a small number of employees working from home. Check details on the job posting for information about where the job is located.

Benefits and Perks

Adding perks and improving our benefits as we grow is one way we can all share in our success. Our group insurance has basic coverage but is supplemented by a health spending account which gives you more flexibility. Additionally, Vanilla offers a $30 per month fitness reimbursement. In our offices, you’ll find bagels, snacks, coffee, and fresh fruit.

Montreal Week & Retreats

Because we are spread among two offices and have a few remote employees, we make sure that we are all together at least twice per year. One of the gatherings is always at out HQ in Montreal, the other is at a hotel or resort. These events give us an opportunity to bond and learn together, and reward ourselves for a year spent working hard.

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