API and Single Sign-On

API Features

Vanilla has an easy to use RESTful API that you can use to deeply integrate Vanilla with your website or application. All API endpoints are displayed and documented right in your Dashboard. The API supports per-user access tokens, cross-origin resource sharing, and automated testing to reduce regression bugs and unwanted changes.


Vanilla has moved to an API-first approach. Our API now gives lower level access and is growing with each release.


Complete a full two-way integration with webhooks.

User Friendly

Our API is documented using Swagger which makes it easy to explore and implement.

Seamless Single Sign-On

SSO can be configured to be completely seamless, in fact, users won’t notice as they move back and forth from your website to your community. Vanilla supports multiple SSO protocols to make member login easy.

SSO Using jsConnect

jsConnect is Vanilla’s easy to implement single sign-on solution. It allows you to pass a user ID, email, username, profile photo and role. jsConnect documentation and libraries can be found here.

SAML, oAuth, JWT

Vanilla supports SAML, oAuth and JWT. Our services team can provide support for custom SSO implementations.

SSO from WordPress

Let members SSO from your WordPress site to Vanilla, no coding required.

Social logins

Users can register directly to the forum using their LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google or Steam or OpenID credentials. Of course, they can also register directly using the registration form.