Vanilla Custom Federated Search Connector Integration

Custom Federated Search Connector

Consolidate your customer-facing resources, spread across disparate systems/tools, into one unified location for your customers with Higher Logic Vanilla’s Federated Search, and keep community at the center of your customer journey.


Centralize your Customer Content

The Custom Federated Search Connector allows you to connect any platform that has a public search API into Vanilla’s community search, which surfaces the most relevant results, and links users out to that content.

Enable a True Self-Service Experience

Important information lives within community discussions, help docs, training courses, blog content and more. Centralizing key channels within community allows you to provide the best self-service experience possible, allowing your customers to find what they need regardless of where it lives.

Build a Customer Hub and Level Up your CX

Customers will appreciate having a single hub that is dedicated to their success, finding information, and connecting with others. Differentiate your brand and your customer experience with a slick, one-stop-shop experience for your customers.