Vanilla Knowledge

A community driven knowledge base

Put the wisdom of both your community and your support team into a knowledge base. Let staff write articles or repurpose community posts with the click of a button. Vanilla Knowledge lets you provide an even better self-service customer experience.

Community Driven

Create a knowledge base article from a community discussion. Bring over a question and best answers, edit and then post to the knowledge base.

Multiple KBs

Create multiple knowledge bases for your multiple products, languages or business units. Vanilla Knowledge supports localization to over 25 languages.

Guide & Help KBs

Create a Guide type KB for instruction manuals or articles that should be consumed in order. Create a Help Center type KB for a collection of categorized articles.

Measure the impact of
your knowledge base

Get insights into your knowledge base usage with analytics. All standard usage metrics are tracked and graded week-over-week, like: number of articles created, articles updated, most helpful articles and much more.

Beautiful, consistent
editing experience

Authors can quickly create well formatted content using a true WYSIWYG rich editor. Create proper, semantic HTML that will display consistently on any device. Support media and website embed previews, special support for most popular websites, oEmbed, drag and drop image and file attachments. The editor is designed from the ground up to be accessible, adhering to the WCAG Level 2 AA standard. It works on both desktop and mobile.

Pixel-perfect match

Vanilla Knowledge can be tailored to match your brand perfectly with just a few

Performance Tracking

Was this article helpful? Let your customers give you feedback so you know what is most is most helpful and what needs to be updated.

Revision History

Create and update articles with full confidence that you won’t lose any content. See all revisions and roll back to a prior version.

Great SEO

Create content that does well in search engines. Vanilla automatically generates site map. Pages are lightweight with fast load times.

Automated Summaries

Automatically generated shortcuts to paragraph headings and breadcrumbs make skimming and navigating an article a breeze.

Federated Search

Search both the KB and the community forum from one place. Filter your search by date, author, etc. to better find what you’re looking for.

API Support

Vanilla Knowledge was built on our own restFul API. This means you have full access to its functionality for building integrations.

Migrating your knowledge bases stress-free to Vanilla

We will migrate everything within your knowledge bases including categories, articles, translations, users, authors, dates and votes.