What’s New

Discover the latest new features in Vanilla Forums

Here are some of the new features that we’ve added to Vanilla recently:


Your community is a great source of new ideas. Ideation lets community members submit, comment and vote on ideas.

Theme Self-Service Deploy

This feature, available to customers on our Enterprise plan, allows you to update theme files that are being locally developed and stored in a GitHub repository. Previously, theme code updates had to be done by Vanilla Support.


Best suited for larger communities, Groups let members create an area within the forum where they can have conversations and schedule events. Groups can be private or public and can be managed by community moderators or by members.

New Mobile Theme

When a Vanilla forum is accessed on a mobile device, Vanilla will detect the browser agent and serve up an optimized, purpose-built mobile theme. With a user experience optimized for the mobile browser, there is no need to frustrate your users with an app download.

The new lightweight mobile theme provides excellent usability on a small screen. Slide out menus, action sheets and bigger touch targets are among the improvements in the new mobile theme.

Advanced Editor

This new editor allows for easy formatting of posts. It supports the following:

  • An intuitive set of formatting buttons
  • Drag and drop of images and file attachments
  • @mention autocomplete
  • Marking text as code, a spoiler or a quote
  • Ability to allow formatting in HTMl, Markdown of BBCode

If you are using the Button Bar or CLE Editor, we recommend replacing it with this new editor.

Multi Forum Management

Managing multiple communities can be a challenge. Multi-forum Management introduces two new features: Sub-Communities and the Vanilla Hub.

Vanilla Sub-Communities allows you to create smaller communities within a greater community, for example product-based sub-communities or language based-sub-communities. Vanilla now supports 27 languages.

The Vanilla Hub is intended for cases where dozens or hundreds of separate self-contained communities are required. New instances of Vanilla can be spawned within seconds through the Admin Dashboard or via the API.

Microsoft Account Login

Let members register and login using their Microsoft Account and adds support for Azure Active Directory Sign-in.

Zendesk Integration

Create tickets in Zendesk directly from your Vanilla forum.

The Zendesk integration is available on select plans only. Please contact your account rep for more information.

GitHub Integration

If you are using your forum to support a software product, you can now create a GitHub issue directly from Vanilla. The integration lest you connect using oAuth and create an issue in one of your listed respositories.

The GitHub integration is available on select plans only. Please contact your account rep for more information.

Salesforce Integration

Sometimes it’s not possible or appropriate to respond to a question directly in the forum. Sometimes a customer comment suggests a sales opportunity. The Salesforce integration gives community managers the ability to create a Lead or Case in Salesforce from a comment or discussion made in Vanilla.

The Salesforce integration is available on select plans only. Please contact your account rep for more information.