Plaintes – Vanilla Forums

Please read the following carefully if you have a complaint about a forum hosted at Some general points:

  • Before contacting us, please be sure you’ve contacted the forum owner directly if you take issue with their forum. This will often work to resolve an issue immediately without involving us (or worse, lawyers). Some forums list their contact info, or you can always just start a discussion on the offending forum.
  • We are not responsible for content posted on our customers’ forums and we cannot determine the legality of a comment made on a forum.
  • We take complaints seriously, but please be aware that unless a forum clearly violates our Terms of Service we won’t disable it.
  • Below are the official ways to contact us for various issues.

If one of our forums features content that is owned by you (and you did not authorize your content to be published by the forum in question), please use our DMCA reporting process. We respond to all properly formatted DMCA complaints.

Defamation, abuse, threats

If you find defamatory, abusive or threatening content on a forum, you can report it to [email protected] However, please first take a look at this Electronic Frontier Foundation page on defamation law. Note that negative personal opinions are not considered defamation. In other words, someone calling you names or insulting you on their forum is not grounds for shutting them down. Instead of asking us to suspend such a forum, please consider either responding in the forum’s comments or on your own forum/site to set the record straight, or simply ignoring the issue (forums who use insults and bad language tend to have low credibility and low traffic in the first place). When reporting defamatory or abusive forums, please provide specific links and/or quotations of the offending material. If the forum is written in a language other than English, make sure you provide a translation.

Offensive material

Unless content is illegal or threatening, we will not suspend it.

Mature forums

If you find a forum with mature topics (erotica, porn, etc), report it to [email protected] Mature forums are welcome on, but we will mark them in our system so they don’t show up in public listings.