Professional Services

Let us help you create the perfect community.

Our professional services team can help you get up and running quicky, train and certify your staff, and help your dev team with complex integrations.

Data Migration

Has your forum software has reached the end of its useful life? Migration to Vanilla from your existing provider or home grown platform is easier than you might think. We are experts at migration from existing platforms and home-grown legacy software. Learn more about migrating your forum to Vanilla.

Custom Themes

You’ve invested a lot of effort into your brand identity, and your community should align with your website and be true to that brand. Vanilla can implement a flexible, data driven theme based on your branding or style guide, or even simply inspired by your existing website. Our theme developers use a proprietary theming technology, developed in house, to implement beautiful user interfaces that reflect your unique branding and look great on both desktops and mobile devices.


If you have a community that is deeply integrated into a website, app, game or other external system, we’ll work with you to make sure that your audience has a seamless experience. Our team can also help ensure that we are compliant with your privacy and security requirements.