Community Solutions for Support Contact Avoidance

Community for
Support Contact Avoidance

Improve ROI on operational support costs

Call-center centric support teams spend most of their time answering the same types of questions, which not only cuts into the time they could be using to troubleshoot more complicated issues but also bloats operational costs. Lessen the reliance on unscalable one-to-one support queries by giving customers the power to find answers on their own.

Deflect Tickets

Ensure your support solutions can be easily found to deflect low to mid-level support tickets. Vanilla’s strong SEO makes solutions easy to find, putting more money in your pocket.

Boost ROI

Community has a direct and significant financial impact. Studies show that community ROI increases with age, and on average, communities generate a 5 to 10x ROI.

Call Avoidance

Make sure only the most complicated issues reach your support agents. Offset the most common inquiries through community so your support team can focus on the biggest issues.

Enable Self-Service

Give your customers what they want—self-service. Vanilla delivers the best-in-class community experience with advanced search capabilities and the power of crowd-sourced support.

Learn How Wave Cut 30% of Their Support Tickets in Just 4 Months!

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“[Our community is a] searchable, self-sustaining resource for customers that [allows] the support team to dedicate more time to the interactions that they handle. The amount of support tickets that we’re able to keep out of the support teams’ queue is huge!”
Charlotte Hamilton-Warr
(Former) Community Manager at Wave

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Learn How Cireson Was Able to Deflect Over 90% of Their Support Tickets!

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“With Vanilla, we saw results immediately. Since we’ve made the switch, our NPS has increased by over 10%!”
Kathryn Bergeron
Group Manager of Digital Care

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