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Build brand advocates, improve customer support, and increase customer retention with the #1 community software from Higher Logic Vanilla.

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Put Your Customers First

The world’s most customer-centric companies are building communities using Higher Logic Vanilla’s powerful platform.

Vanilla can help if you are a…

Customer Support

Looking to proactively deflect support tickets, enable self-service and keep costs low.

Customer Experience

Looking to level up the experience that customers have with your brand.


Looking to gather product feedback in a scalable way to build market driven roadmaps.


Looking to build brand awareness, loyalty and advocacy to increase revenue.

Meet your Customers at Community

A community should be at the forefront of your customers’ journey. Build a community that is easy-to-use, looks great and is tightly integrated into your tech stack.

Discussions and Q&A

Encourage customers to have open discussions and ask each other questions.


Product Feedback

Allow customers to submit, view and vote on ideas that drive product innovation.


Knowledge Base

Create a self-service Help Center within your community for all your help docs and user guides.

Knowledge Base


Measure the impact and ROI of your community as it continues to grow and evolve.

Fully Branded

Theme Vanilla to perfectly match your website or app.

Connect to Thousands of Apps

Create workflows and share data between your community and
the software you use every day.

Your Success Is Our Priority

The Customer Success Team will guide you through the launch of your community and provide ongoing strategic and operational advice to help you achieve your goals.

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Why Higher Logic Vanilla?

We power and are loved by 350,000 communities for 3,000 brands worldwide. Don’t just take our word for it.