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Gamification & Reputation Engine

Vanilla's gamification and reputation system is more than just badges. Our reputation engine is used to promote good content, grant member abilities, and help automate moderation.


More than just badges.

Peer Moderation

Reactions enable peer-based moderation. If a comment gets too many negative reactions it will be greyed out and put into a moderation queue.

Vanilla forums reputation

Abilities Tied to Reputation

Not all members are created equal. Ranks, tied to abilities, are earned based on reputation score. Abilities include including links in posts, signatures, promoting others’ posts, etc.

Vanilla Forums Custom Badges

Custom Badges

Modify default badges and upload your own. Use the Vanilla API to award badges based on actions taken in your app or game.


Members can share how they feel about posts using Reactions. Positive reactions promote content and let members earn reputation points. Negative reactions help identify spam and abuse. Reactions can be customized to fit your community's culture.

Vanilla forums reactions
Forums reinvented

Reputation rich profiles

Rich profile pages display a member's reputation, badges and recent activity.