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Easy Moderation

Vanilla's inline moderation controls and member-driven moderation queues means that community managers spend less time on reviewing content and moderation.


Leave your moderation problems behind.

Your moderators will thank you for bringing them out of the dark ages
Over 25 languages supported
Inline Moderation

Inline Moderation

Moderators get full in-line controls to affect single or multiple items. They get all of the standard controls like close, sticky, split, merge, delete, etc.

Eradicate Spammers & Trolls

Quickly and easily remove ban a user and all the user’s data. Find out if a user has multiple accounts. Deal with Trolls by making them invisible to other members.

Warning System

Just like demerit points on a driver’s license, moderators can assign warning points to members who break the rules. Get enough points and you end up in jail. Moderators can add notes to keep track of past activity.

Peer-Driven Moderation

Spam & abuse moderation queues are populated by trusted members, making it easy for moderators to jump in and take care of issues before they become problems.

Edit, Sink, Split, Merge, Move

Moderators can edit everything in real-time, split, merge and move discussions. Sinking a thread makes it fall down the discussion list even if it gets new comments.

Edit & Delete Logs with Restore

Your moderators have access to a full edit & delete history for all comments, and can even roll-back content to a previous version or undelete deleted content.

Dismissible Messages

Mods and Admins can post a dissmisable message that can appear anywhere throughout the site.