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Essential community software.

  • 250k monthly page views included
  • 5 staff users
  • Unlimited members
  • Private or public community
  • Gamification
  • Moderation
  • jsConnect SSO
  • SuccessTeam
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A fully-featured community solution.

  • 1M monthly page views included
  • 10 staff users
  • Business plan features +
  • Ideation
  • Q&A
  • CRM Integrations
  • Sub-communities
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Advanced SSO
  • API
  • SuccessTeam


For enterprises and large communities.

  • Custom page view plan
  • Custom staff users
  • Corporate features +
  • Multi-site
  • Theme pull
  • Enhanced security
  • Uptime SLA
  • SuccessTeam VIP

Add Ons

Put the wisdom of both your community and your support team into a knowledge base.

Additional security and compliance features.

Have backups automatically sent to your AWS, FTP or other.

Pricing FAQs

The number of page views allocated to each plan level is designed to avoid overages for a typical customer. Overages apply if you go significantly over the plan limit. If you do go over, someone will contact you to determine if it’s more cost effective to upgrade, purchase a page view pack or pay monthly overages.

Staff users are users that are employed by your company and are assigned a Role that lets them administer or moderate the community.

Yes, Vanilla offers services to help configure your community, migrate your data from an existing platform, create a custom theme or help integrate to your website, app or game.

Vanilla will issue an invoice which can be paid by credit card, cheque or bank transfer.

Yes, we have migrated hundreds of communities from dozens of other platorms.

Many customers want a set of features that don’t always correspond to the plans listed above. Our sales representatives can put together a pricing plan that suits your specific needs.

Engaging Community Software

A branded customer community should be tightly integrated, easy to use, great looking and engaging. Your CRM vendor's mvp just won't do.
Features Business Corporate Enterprise


Divide your forum into categories and sub-categories.

Private Messages

Members can direct message each other.

Questions and Answers

Users ask questions and approve/decline answers.


Community members submit and vote on ideas.


Public and private poll discussions.

Private Community

Restrict access to registered members only.

Social Groups

Allow members to create private and public groups.

Advanced Search

Auto-suggested results and filter on title, tags, author, date, etc.


Automatically creates a unique avatar for every user.


Use a member's Gravatar avatar (if they've configured one).

Advanced Editor

WYSIWYG editor.


Choose your Emoji set.


Allow members to quote each other.


Adds a member's signature to posts.


Allow users to tag discussions.

File Upload

Attach files to comments.

Profile Extender

Add extra fields to member profiles and registration form.

Site Map

Create an XML site map for SEO purposes.

Embed Forum

Embed your entire forum into a web page.

Vanilla POP

Register, post and read forum content via email.

In This Discussion

Displays a list of members participating in a discussion.

All Viewed

Mark all discussions as viewed.

Who's Online

List of members who are currently online.

Post Count

Displays number of posts next to username.

Theme Control

HTML & CSS Control

Overwrite theme CSS and customize HTML.

Mobile Theme

Theme optimized for mobile.

Customize Home Page

Designate home page. Upload logo, favicon and more.

Index Photos

Adds profile pictures to discussions list.


Set the UI to one of 25 supported languages.



Users can react to posts. Reactions give points and drive reputation.


Users are awarded badges for positive participation.

User Ranks

Give members a rank and abilities based on achievement.

Dev/Role Tracker

Highlight and jump to dev/admin/role posts


Moderation Queue

Review all abuse and SPAM reports in one place.

Abuse Flag

Members can flag abuse and SPAM.


Approve posts before posting them to the forum.


A point based moderation system.


Allow members to provide a reason when flagging abuse.

Mark as Troll

Make a member invisible to everyone but himself/herself.

Edit/Delete Log

Edit and delete logs with restore.


Split and merge discussions.


Sink active discussions.


Admins can sign in as other members.

Custom Roles

Create Roles with custom permissions.

Civil Tongue

Customizable profanity filter.

Stop Forum Spam

Blocks known Spammers.


Akismet SPAM blocking.

Flood Control

Limit member posts per hour.

Rank Abilities

Restrict abilities based on reputation and Rank.


jsConnect SSO

Enables single sign-on from your website.


Implement SSO using SAML.


Implement SSO using OAuth.


Implement SSO using JWT.

Facebook Connect

Register and login to Vanilla using a Facebook account.

Google Sign In

Register and login using Google.

Twitter Login

Register and login using a Twitter ID.

Linkedin Sign In

Register and login using a Linkedin Profile.

Microsoft Account Login

Register and login using a Microsoft Account.


Salesforce Integration

Create Leads and Cases in Salesforce.

Zendesk Integration

Escalate comments to Zendesk.

Social Media Integration

Members can sign up with their Social Media credentials.

Wordpress Comments

Use Vanilla as default WordPress Comments.

Wordpress SSO

SSO to Vanilla from WordPress.

MailChimp Integration

Push sync member list to MailChimp.

Wish List Integration

Integrate to WishList Member.

Share This

Adds social sharing button to comments.



Read/Write access to Vanilla via API.

GitHub Integration

Create Issues in GitHub from within Vanilla.

Staging Environment

Test your config and theme changes on a staging site.

Dev Environment

A dev environment to match your local dev/stage/prod.

Syntax Prettify

Adds pretty syntax highlighting to source code posted in your forum.

Theme Pull

Pull local theme files from Git to your stage and prod accounts.



Add HTML or advertisement code to specific places in Vanilla.


Basic Stats

See discussions, comments, page views, etc.

Google Analytics Integration

Add your UA code to track in Google Analytics.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced community statistics.

Multi-forum Management


Create sub-communities based on language or product lines.

Vanilla Hub

Quickly spawn new forum instances via API or the Dashboard.



Serve your forum over https on a unique IP.

Data Encryption

Encryption of all account data.


Audit Log

Detailed account activity logs.


Auto-sign out

Logs out users after N minutes of inactivity.

DDoS Protection

Limited protection against DDoS attacks


Email, and Forum Support

Get help by email and on our help forum.

Phone Support

Get help by phone.

Premium Support

Premium support packages to meet your needs.



Money-back guaranteed uptime.*

Content Acceleration

Data is compressed, and served from a nearby point-of-presence.

Secondary Offsite Backup

Additional copy of backups shipped to your AWS, sFTP, etc.


Dedicated infrastructure

A dedicated and isolated server cluster.

Knowledge Base


Instruction manual style KB


Help Center

Categorized articles style KB


Multiple KBs

Create multiple KBs


Import Discussions

Import forum posts to KB


Revision History

History of edits to KB articles and rollback


Not sure what plan to use?

Call 1-866-845-0815