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Create an online community that your customers will love. Vanilla’s forum software is used by top brands to engage customers, drive loyalty and reduce support costs.


A robust cloud-based community forum solution.
Used by many of the world’s leading brands.

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  • Packed with premium features
  • Reliable and secure
  • Cloud-based
  • Amazing customer support
  • Professional services
  • Best in class uptime and page load speeds
  • Constantly updated
  • Premium features such as gamification and CRM integrations
  • Support for multiple SSO protocols
  • Advanced analytics and API support
  • Data migration, theming and integration services
  • Vanilla’s support and success teams helps you achieve your goals

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Open Source

Simple and flexible forum software.
Great for enthusiasts and small businesses.

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  • Free download
  • Host it yourself
  • You break it, you fix it
  • Community supported
  • A forum that’s easy to install & manage
  • Community contributed plugins
  • Contribute to the code

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