SecureAuth Case Study


SecureAuth delivers the most secure and flexible authentication experience for workforce and customer identities to organizations around the world.

The Challenges

SecureAuth lacked a centralized self-service solution that could house any and all company information. This led to a higher number of support tickets, resulting in poor CX.

The Search

SecureAuth led their customer community platform search with one goal in mind: simplicity. This led them straight to Vanilla.

The Launch

SecureAuth created an expansive, organized library of multimedia content in the new customer community, allowing for a smooth launch.

The Results

The outcomes far exceeded SecureAuth’s expectations and their initial goals. Ticket volume decreased by 23% and time-to-response was cut by 35%; they couldn’t have asked for better results.

Forums reinvented
“After seeing what we were able to build, our choice to go with Vanilla was absolutely the right call!“
Nichole Devolites
Director of Customer Experience

The Challenges

When Silos Are Too Tall

Customers want self-service support ,and the team at SecureAuth have always gone above and beyond to provide it. But, over the years, they found themselves with a collection of too many self-service options, resulting in customer confusion of where to go to access the latest product announcements, updates, and documentation. In short, there was no central location for customers to go to quickly get the support they needed. Nichole, SecureAuth’s Director of Customer Experience, knew that something needed to be done to address this.

“There were so many different places to go [to find information] and it was creating a confusing experience for our customers,” explains Nichole.

We had all of these platforms with so much content, but each of them served a specific purpose, for a specific department, resulting in not just poor navigation, but sporadic customer communication as well—and of course, that leads to a poor customer experience.

Naturally, this common challenge in product-based companies has an impact on support metrics. Since customers had a difficult time finding the information they needed, it was easier for them to contact support. As a result, the support team was seeing higher-than-normal ticket volumes, which makes it difficult to respond to customers in a timely manner. “As a mid-sized company, to see an average monthly ticket count in the 400’s, causing response time to increase by even an hour, is a lot,” explains Nichole. “We’re used to having an agile team that can respond quickly, and so having an increase in customer queries showed us we weren’t delivering the type of customer experience we were aiming for.”

And so, Nichole and her team began their search with a simple goal in mind: find a solution that can provide the easiest, most efficient self-service experience possible. As Nichole noted, “We wanted to decrease our support ticket count while also improving response time. Our goal was to see a 10-15% decrease on both of these metrics, and we knew there had to be a solution out there that would deliver these results.”

Pain Points

High Ticket Volume

Since information was not centralized, customers didn’t know where to go to find answers. As a result, SecureAuth experienced a higher-than-normal support ticket count by customers searching for answers.

Slow Response Times

Higher ticket count means longer response times, as Support had more tickets to address in the same amount of time per day.

Poor CX

Since communication and documentation delivery methods were not streamlined, customers were unsure of where to go for help. In short, the lack of a centralized repository and a consistent communication strategy was creating a poor customer experience.

The Search

Searching For An Easy-To-Use Solution

As Nichole began to survey her options, she realized that a great solution didn’t have to be complicated to get the job done well. She wanted a platform that her customers would find easy to navigate.

Essentially, simplicity and ease of use were what Nichole was looking for, and it was the user-friendly nature of the Vanilla platform that immediately drew her attention. “Vanilla’s platform is not only powerful, but it is also incredibly easy to use.”

After speaking with Vanilla, Nichole knew that building a fantastic community that delivered on their customer’s needs was going to be very straightforward. Moreover, the ability to customize the community to a tee was what really hooked Nichole on Vanilla. “We wanted to make sure it was easy for our customers to go in [the community] and access the information they needed,” explained Nichole. “But, in order to do this, we needed custom categories, a highly visible search bar that picks-up on our tagging system and the ability to provide custom messaging. Vanilla provided us with all of this at an out-of-the-box price tag.”

The SecureAuth Checklist

Strong UI and UX

“With Vanilla, we were able to create an eye-catching home page that got people excited to participate in the community—something we didn’t have before.“


“We knew that finding the right information was a challenge, so we customized our homepage in a way that highlighted our new search function.“


“In order to help streamline our communications, it was important that we had a notification system to create a more consistent experience and let our members know what’s important.“


“We absolutely needed a long-term self-support solution that could centralize our information, and Vanilla provided us with everything we needed for the long run.“

After assessing all their options, Nichole and her team made the decision to go with Vanilla. “It was by far the most attractive option and we were really excited to see what could be done with it.“

The Launch

Without a Hitch

SecureAuth had multiple repositories, which was one of the primary reasons they needed to centralize their information into a community. However, they knew getting the content in there was going to take some work.

“There were so many places that our information could be found,” explained Nichole. “We had various forums, blog posts, knowledge bases and repositories—so we were concerned about getting all of this content into the new Vanilla community without losing anything. As it turned out, we had nothing to worry about at all!”

The move went smoothly. All of their articles and blogs were now funneled through the community and afterwards, were tagged and categorized so that they could be found easily. The powerful search function that would end customer confusion and deliver results was now in sight.

The Outcomes

Beyond Expectations

After the new SecureAuth community went live, Nichole was immediately overwhelmed with positive feedback from not only her organization, but also their customers. “The majority of what our customers need can now be found in one centralized location—our new community—and our customers are absolutely loving the organization we brought to their self-service support.”

The new community was also able to address some of SecureAuth’s lingering issues with communication. Before the launch of their new community, Nichole’s team kept hearing that their customers didn’t know about the latest product information or features. Nichole was happy to find that the Vanilla platform was also able to provide a strong solution to this issue through the Announcement feature. This solution enabled Nichole and her team to input a custom message on the community homepage and highlight the most relevant and recent content or news.

“This really helped us support our customers,“ says Nichole, “now, they’re always seeing the latest and greatest!“

Perhaps the biggest success that Nichole noted was that the new community made her initial goals seem quite small. SecureAuth’s initial goal was to see a 10-15% decrease in support ticket volume and response time, but after the community was up and running, Nichole reflected, “in hindsight, it was a pretty low goal. We are seeing numbers that we didn’t even think were possible!”

The multi-media aspect of Vanilla was a feature that wasn’t initially on their must-have list, but now, Nichole says they couldn’t go without. With this feature, the SecureAuth community is able to embed videos, which turned out to be a great bonus since they had a large amount of video content. “We have a lot of customers that want to view our previous webinars and training videos,” explains Nichole. “Now we have a video library where our customers can access any and all video content in one place.”

The community that SecureAuth built with Vanilla is a huge success, and Nichole is looking forward to continuing that. As she concludes, “after seeing what we were able to build, our choice to go with Vanilla was absolutely the right call. I am excited to see where this community takes us.”


Decrease in support tickets


Decrease in average response time

Reflecting on the SecureAuth Journey

SecureAuth’s journey to Vanilla began with a search for a centralized, streamlined solution for better communication and easier access of information—an organized solution where customers could easily navigate to find what they’re looking for. Vanilla proved that no matter how dispersed your organizational knowledge is, it’s never too late to bring it together for a better customer experience. With an easy road to launch, SecureAuth’s customers, as well as their support team, are happier than ever. Connect with our team to learn how your organization can see results as profound as SecureAuth.